This post will show you how to get a report on new and existing Online Reviews from third-party review sites in MagicRating.

Note: Only a very small amount of third party review sites share their data or provide an API.

One of the reasons is that all those review sites rely on “traffic” to their website to stay in business (by selling ads). If their API would allow programs such as MagicRating to access their data, nobody would actually need to visit the review site.

As of right now only Google, Yahoo, CitySearch, Yelp and Facebook allow access to the review count. These numbers can be found in MagicRating under “Reports -> Online Review Monitor”.

1) Log into your account

2) In the business dashboard look at the right column to see any new online reviews.

3) Click on the Business you would like to see detailed reports for.

select a business magicrating

4) In the Menu (upper right) click on “Reports -> Online Review Monitor”

Optional 5) You can also receive an alert email when someone leaves you an online review.

Example of an “Online Review Alert Email”