This post provides as shortened list of key SEO benefits and advantages when using MagicRating to request customer feedback and testimonials.

1) Unique Content – That you don’t even have to write!

Search Engines “crawl” your website on a regular basis checking for updates and new content. Having fresh and additional content such as user generated reviews increases the amount of content that is indexed for your business in search results. In other words the more content you have the better your chances of potential customers finding you.

2) Search Engine results for “Your Business Name + Reviews”

Between 60 and 70% of all consumers and potential customers first check online reviews before purchasing a product or service. Which means potential customers search for words such as “ratings, reviews, testimonials” in association with your business name. Not ranking or having results for those searches may mean you are missing out on new customers.

3) Star Rating showing in organic search results – Visual advantage over your competitors

MagicRating formats reviews and testimonials on your website using Rich Snippets ( Review format). Doing so not only assures that search engines index your content as original content, but even better – it lets search engines know that those are “reviews”.

4) Long Tail Keywords – You may have not thought about yourself

User created reviews often contain powerful long tail targets and keyword phrases. Those consist of 3 or more words. Having varied content is proven to increase rankings; plus searchers are likely to input those same or similar phrases in locating relevant results.

5) Google is ranking websites with reviews higher.

Google’s ranking algorithm is increasingly looking for reviews. Currently reviews make up about 7 to 10% of the overall ranking factors consisting of website. citations and local information and links. Even at a conservative 7% – No business can afford to miss out on reviews anymore.