That’s OK. Many practices don’t have email addresses for their patients.

This is a great time to start collecting them. MagicRating works great on mobile devices like iPhone, Android phones, Chromebook, iPads, etc. so you can just add the patient’s name and email address right there while they are in your office.

Some practices just use a clipboard, and ask their patients to add their name and email address after their visit. Ultimately this depends on the type of practice you have, but collecting email addresses from your patients is a best practice for any business, and can lead to better patient relationships and more repeat business.

MagicRating also provides a short direct feedback “URL” unique to your business, which is found under “Account -> Business Detail”. The URL can be added to printed media, invoices, bills, tabs, receipts, business cards, QR codes, SMS etc – and does not require you to know the patient’s email or name – but will capture the patient’s email during the feedback process.