This post shows you how to test your reviews and testimonials on your website using the Embed Code Widget. And to make sure the reviews are being indexed as original content for your website, using the Google friendly “” reviews format.

If you have not yet embedded your MagicRating reviews and testimonials into your website – please read here for how to embed on a website and here for how to embed on a WordPress.

1) Copy the URL of the page that you have created to showcase your reviews and testimonials.

2) Visit Google’s free “Google Structured Data Testing Tool” – aka “Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool”

3) Paste your URL and confirm that all results are “Green Light”

4) Additionally you can click “View Source” in your browser and you will see all reviews as original content of your website – plus the reviews are all wrapped in the important Review Markup.

Troubleshooting Tips:

Q: Reviews or Star Rating  are not showing in the Rich Snippets Testing tool ?

A: This would indicate that your Website is not allowed to execute PHP code.

It is important to know that the Reviews will still show on your website, however without PHP they are not wrapped in the format. Reach out to your webmaster or hosting provider and request your website to run and execute PHP. For more info see here.