This post shows you how to reset the password of an existing Business Manager in About the MagicRating Business Manager tool: You can create users and delegate one or more business locations for them to manage. When this new user logs into the Business Dashboard they see only the businesses you assigned to them. It’s a great way to delegate management of groups of business locations to your staff or clients.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to reset the password for a Business Manager

1) Log into your account

2) In the main menu (upper right) click on “Account -> Manage Users”

3) Click on a User name

4) Click the “Edit User” button

5) Click the “Reset Password” button at the bottom of the page

6) Manually type a new password or use the “Auto Generate” new password option and click “Submit”.

7) A success message will confirm the reset


ProTip: User has issues receiving new Password Email?

1) Follow the steps above but choose to “Show” password in Step 6 above.

2) Now you can either manually email the new password or send the password via SMS, Chat or Voice.