Question: “I have been been proactively asking customers for feedback after they buy from me or visit. I have lots of happy customers but I just received negative feedback. What should I do now?”


Consider this: if you hadn’t asked, you never would have known there was an issue. Now you actually have a chance to talk with this customer and make it right.

This customer may have never come back again, or even worse, may have left you a negative online review on Google+, Yelp or Facebook.

But now, you have a chance to make it right and keep your customer.

In our experience, over 90% of negative feedback results from a simple misunderstanding that can easily be fixed. Customers want to be listened to. They want to know you care and are willing to help them.

So here’s what you should do:

1) Contact your customer immediately. By phone and email if you can. The system has already asked them “what you could have done” to make things better. Read their comments and connect with them.

2) Address the issue for the customer if it makes sense. Most of the time just talking it through with the customer will resolve the issue. In some cases, you may want to offer a “token” of appreciation to your customer, like a discount on a future treatment or something equivalent to make them feel special.

3) Confirm with your customer that everything has been addressed to their satisfaction.

Walking through these steps will usually help you save this customer. And in many cases we’ve seen these customers become some of your most vocal promoters!

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