Most Patients Use Online Reviews as a First Step

Magic Rating How It Works

Online reviews are your first impression.

Based upon an in-depth study done by, 77% of respondents report using online reviews as a first step to seeking a doctor, surgeon, dermatologist or Med Spa, while 16% use them to validate the choice of a doctor they’ve tentatively selected.

A good online reputation is important for more than just visibility.

Reviews are consumer generated marketing material and they are vitally important to your business whether you know it or not.

Online reviews provide social proof.  So what exactly is social proof?

Wikipedia’s definition (We usually trust Wikipedia!): Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect correct behavior for a given situation.

If people see you have an abundance of near 5 Star patient reviews on sites they trust like Google, RealSelf and Yelp, they’ll generally trust you more.

MagicRating – Patient Review & Feedback System allows your practice to take control of the wheel and drive the review bus.  [Watch Video]

Patient Online Review Software

Here’s how it works:

1. It Starts With An Email

We provide the platform and the process to start gently collecting feedback and engaging with your patients. The platform sends a customized email to start the feedback process after you enter your patients email address. Simple, fast and easy.

2. Patients Give Feedback

The patient is asked to rate how likely they are to refer your practice to a friend and to comment on their experience. This rating process helps form your Net Promoter Score, a key indicator and data point to your practice and patient relationship.

Patients that rate you highly (you set the rating criteria) will then be asked to consider reviewing your practice on one of the important review sites like RealSelf, Google and Yelp. Poor patient experiences are captured privately so you can follow-up with the patient to resolve their issue.

3. Testimonial Widget For Your Website

Our testimonial widget makes displaying powerful patient testimonials on your website easy. We can handle this for you by placing it on your website and assisting with the set up process.

Our platform allows for manual control of the testimonials or you can automatically set for feedback above a specific rating score (example: 8 or above) to display on your widget and website.

4. Encourage Online Reviews

Patients that rate you at or above your selected “positive rating” will then be asked to rate you on one of the following review sites: RealSelf, Google or Yelp.

This step offers direct links to these sites and your practice’s profile pages and review sites so they can easily review your practice. Generating a steady and consistent stream of online patient reviews is important for your online reputation.

5. Review Monitoring & Reporting

With MagicRating you truly have one platform to manage your online review reputation. Your practice benefits from multiple levels of feedback, encouragement of positive online reviews and an easy to manage dashboard.

Start a free trial today, give it a shot, first impressions are vital to your success.

How much does MagicRating cost and is there a long term commitment needed?2016-12-16T16:12:23-08:00

A MagicRating account is just $199 per month AFTER a 30 Day Free Trial with Expert Setup.

Additional accounts for additional locations or practitioners are just $99/month additional – (basically if you have more than one of a given account, then you would need an additional account)

There is no need for any long term contract as MagicRating is a month-to-month service.  Just let us know by the 20th of the month (or the 29th day of your Free Trial) if you no longer want to use MagicRating and we’ll make sure you don’t get billed!  Just contact us if you need anything.

Single Account


Addt'l Accounts

$99monthly extra
I have multiple locations/practitioners, do you offer bulk pricing?2016-12-16T14:18:36-08:00

Absolutely.   Our pricing is as follows. $199/mo for the first location/practitioner.  Additional locations/practitioners are $99 per account.

Each account can be modified for the location and have different online review profiles associated with it.  It also has unique kisok mode links, etc.

Single Account


Addt'l Accounts

$99monthly extra
Can I customize MagicRating email templates and pages?2016-12-16T16:13:04-08:00

You bet you can!

MagicRating comes with all sorts of customizations available like emails, logos with your branding, the testimonial widget for your website, and even timing on feedback and timing.

If you just want to get started quickly, MagicRating comes pre-loaded with templates that we’ve tested and that we know work, but we encourage you to customize them to meet your practice’s style.

When you sign up for a Free Trial, your account manager will help you through all of this!

Sign up for your 30 Day Free Trial today and get expert help from a MagicRating expert at no extra cost!

What are the SEO Advantages of using MagicRating?2016-12-16T16:13:34-08:00

1) Unique Content – That you don’t even have to write!

Search Engines “crawl” your website on a regular basis checking for updates and new content. Having fresh and additional content such as user generated reviews increases the amount of content that is indexed for your business in search results. In other words the more content you have the better your chances of potential customers finding you.

2) Search Engine results for “Your Business Name + Reviews”

Between 60 and 70% of all consumers and potential customers first check online reviews before purchasing a product or service. Which means potential customers search for words such as “ratings, reviews, testimonials” in association with your business name. Not ranking or having results for those searches may mean you are missing out on new customers.

3) Star Rating showing in organic search results – Visual advantage over your competitors

MagicRating formats reviews and testimonials on your website using Rich Snippets ( Review format). Doing so not only assures that search engines index your content as original content, but even better – it lets search engines know that those are “reviews”.

4) Long Tail Keywords – You may have not thought about yourself

User created reviews often contain powerful long tail targets and keyword phrases. Those consist of 3 or more words. Having varied content is proven to increase rankings; plus searchers are likely to input those same or similar phrases in locating relevant results.

5) Google is ranking websites with reviews higher.

Google’s ranking algorithm is increasingly looking for reviews. Currently reviews make up about 7 to 10% of the overall ranking factors consisting of website. citations and local information and links. Even at a conservative 7% – No business can afford to miss out on reviews anymore.

Where can I display testmonials I collect with MagicRating?2016-12-16T16:18:28-08:00

MagicRating fully integrates with most websites to display reviews.

We have both WordPress & PHP Widgets as well as a badge that displays testimonials on your website.  See Examples Below.


Testimonial Embed on Website
Testimonial Badge on Website or Sidebar
Where can I go to download the testimonials widget WordPress plug-in?2016-12-20T09:11:18-08:00

Click here to view our tutorial on how to embed tutorials on your WordPress website.

Scroll down to step #6 of this tutorial and click the link to download the zip folder containing the testimonials widget WordPress plug in

How is MagicRating different than RealPatientRatings?2016-12-16T16:14:05-08:00

We are often asked how we are different than RealPatientRatings.

RealPatientRatings is a review website where affiliated doctors can send their patients to leave a review and feedback about their experience with a practice. It also has website integrations where doctors who pay them can display the reviews left there.

MagicRating is a feedback and review software that a practice can use to generate feedback in multiple ways (from an email or via Kiosk Mode).  Once MagicRating has captured that initial feedback, a practice can then filter and post that feedback to their website similarly to RealPatientRatings.

However, MagicRating takes it one step further.  Once feedback has been left with a rating of 0-10 selected by the patient, it will then segment the list at a threshold that we set (8-10 is recommended), and send the patient an email asking for a review on highly trafficked review websites like Yelp, Google, and RealSelf.  So not only do you get SEO benefits from our website integrations and widgets, but you also get the visibility that you are looking for with POSITIVE REVIEWS that your patients leave on the review websites that you most want to promote!

Finally, there is a big cost difference.

RealPatientRatings is $329/mo

MagicRating is $199/mo after a 30 Day FREE TRIAL

Try us out for 30 Days for FREE!  Plus get an expert to help you set it up along the way included!

What Review Websites Does MagicRating Integrate With?2016-12-16T16:16:13-08:00

The following is a list of all third-party online review sites currently available in MagicRating. Please refer to this post on how to display online review links to happy customers.

If you don’t find your favorite site included in the list simply contact us and we will contact the provider to see if their Terms of Service allow us to add them.

Is MagicRating HIPAA Compliant?2016-12-16T16:16:40-08:00

Is MagicRating HIPAA compliant?

Yes. All communications in MagicRating is protected with 128-bit SSL encryption. We take HIPAA compliant measures to appropriately safeguard PHI (Protected Health Information).


What Patient information does MagicRating store?

For a doctor or health professional that uses MagicRating, the only information present in the system for clients is:

# First name
# Last name
# Email address
# Phone number


Will MagicRating provide a BAA (Business Associate Agreement)

If you would like a formal Business Associate Agreement signed and are a paying customer (free trial period users do not count), please contact [email protected]

Testimonial vs Review vs Feedback… What’s the difference?2016-12-19T08:31:14-08:00

On MagicRating you’ll often hear us talk about 3 terms, Feedback, Testimonials, and Reviews.

While in standard nomenclature they could almost be interchangeable, in the MagicRating system, this is what they mean:

Feedback – This is what you get back from your patients when they fill out the 1 question survey on at the beginning of the MagicRating process.

Testimonial – This is the positive feedback that you post on your website via the Testimonial Widget.

Review- A review is a testimonial posted on a 3rd Party Review website like Yelp, Google, RealSelf, Facebook, etc…

Is it ‘legal or legit’ to ask for Reviews?2016-12-16T16:19:24-08:00

We often get asked if it is ‘legal or legit’ to ask for Reviews? And if Google punishes sites that do so? Those are valid concerns. We can’t answer for any or all Reputation Management Services or Companies in general, however we can assure you that MagicRating is in full compliance with all guidelines and has actually shown to increase Google rankings. Here are some key points to know and remember about MagicRating:

  1. MagicRating considers review sites and their guidelines in our process and adheres to them.
  2. The system does not coerce or offer incentives for a user/customer to leave a review online, but it does however simplify the steps needed for them to leave one. MagicRating enables a smoother process for leaving an online review, but does not violate any of the review sites policies.
  3. We allow the business to decide if all, some or no customers are to be directed to review sites. We often find that for those businesses that are doing a great job, guiding every client to a review site leads to significantly more reviews.
  4. MagicRating does not syndicate content or create duplicate content which can have negative effects.
I don’t have my patients email addresses – can I still use MagicRating?2016-12-16T16:19:57-08:00

That’s OK. Many practices don’t have email addresses for their patients.

This is a great time to start collecting them. MagicRating works great on mobile devices like iPhone, Android phones, Chromebook, iPads, etc. so you can just add the patient’s name and email address right there while they are in your office.

Some practices just use a clipboard, and ask their patients to add their name and email address after their visit. Ultimately this depends on the type of practice you have, but collecting email addresses from your patients is a best practice for any business, and can lead to better patient relationships and more repeat business.

MagicRating also provides a short direct feedback “URL” unique to your business, which is found under “Account -> Business Detail”. The URL can be added to printed media, invoices, bills, tabs, receipts, business cards, QR codes, SMS etc – and does not require you to know the patient’s email or name – but will capture the patient’s email during the feedback process.