Question:  Is there a way to limit (or increase) the number of reviews shown on my website through the widget? I’d like to be able to include 3 reviews for example, then have a link that goes to another page with the remaining reviews.

Answer:  ​Currently the widget must be present in its entirety to take full advantage of the Google friendly Review Format as well as to automatically pull in updates, settings and new reviews from MagicRating.

The widget will show the last 5 reviews before using pagination.  ​We are working on providing API access to MagicRating in Q4 – which would allow you to build custom display applications. ​

ProTip: For the time being, you could manually add 3 selected reviews to your desired page and create a link to your main review page where you run the entire MagicRating widget. You can use this tool (third party site – not associated with MagicRating) to create 3 featured reviews in the Schema format. To avoid showing the same 3 reviews on both pages simply slide the “Show Review on Website” toggle to “Off” in your MagicRating Dashboard. See here for how.