MagicRating will send emails based on your Communication Method either manually or automatically. Please refer to this post on how to change the Communication Method.

In Automatic Mode, MagicRating sends emails on the following schedule: 4am, 7am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm (PST time zone). A “fresh” batch of emails that is uploaded during the day to MagicRating could take a maximum of 24 hours before it is fully absorbed into the schedule. This doesn’t mean that it takes 24 hours before an email is sent; the system batches and schedules them over the next 24-hour period based on the number of emails you have configured in your Automatic Mode settings (the default is 5 per day.) Any email batch addition to an existing running batch in Automatic Mode will be picked up instantly at the next schedule slot and is not subject to a start-up delay.

When will the first email go out? If you upload a list of customers at 4pm (PST) in the afternoon, then the first emails will be sent at 6pm (PST). If a list of customers gets uploaded at 1am (PST) the first emails will go out at 4am (PST) in the morning.

Do all emails for the day get sent at once? If automatic mode is set for 10 emails a day – the system will send 2 emails at 4am, 7am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm (PST time zone). If you have it set to 20 emails per day, then it will send 4 emails at each scheduled interval as described above.

What happens when all emails in the customer dashboard have been sent? Automatic mode will go idle once all emails have been sent. As the MagicRating Account Owner, you will receive an email notification that all customers in your email list have been contacted. You should upload a new set of customer emails as soon as possible to keep the feedback, testimonials and reviews rolling in.