We are often asked how we are different than RealPatientRatings.

RealPatientRatings is a review website where affiliated doctors can send their patients to leave a review and feedback about their experience with a practice. It also has website integrations where doctors who pay them can display the reviews left there.

MagicRating is a feedback and review software that a practice can use to generate feedback in multiple ways (from an email or via Kiosk Mode).  Once MagicRating has captured that initial feedback, a practice can then filter and post that feedback to their website similarly to RealPatientRatings.

However, MagicRating takes it one step further.  Once feedback has been left with a rating of 0-10 selected by the patient, it will then segment the list at a threshold that we set (8-10 is recommended), and send the patient an email asking for a review on highly trafficked review websites like Yelp, Google, and RealSelf.  So not only do you get SEO benefits from our website integrations and widgets, but you also get the visibility that you are looking for with POSITIVE REVIEWS that your patients leave on the review websites that you most want to promote!

Finally, there is a big cost difference.

RealPatientRatings is $329/mo

MagicRating is $199/mo after a 30 Day FREE TRIAL

Try us out for 30 Days for FREE!  Plus get an expert to help you set it up along the way included!